Getting started with in-house development: how does it work?

Introducing our three-part blog series on getting started with in-house development. In this series, we’re detailing some key aspects of how you can create and deploy your own mobile apps, for the purposes of stakeholder engagement and value communication, in-house—without the help of external agencies. Developing mobile apps in-house is increasingly popular compared to outsourced … Continued

Using BaseCase Data Studio to Visualize Complex Healthcare Data

The collection and distribution of health-related data has increased notably in the last few years thanks to technological advancements. Market access teams are now consistently leveraging big data, for example, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and other patient registries, when communicating product value during key stakeholder engagements. Nevertheless, it can still be challenging to incorporate big … Continued

The Rise of Hybrid Contracting Tools

Increasingly constrained healthcare budgets have caused payers, healthcare providers (HCPs), and other key decision-makers to consider much more than costs when making purchasing decisions. To facilitate positive decisions and aid pricing negotiations, the life sciences industry continues to adopt a range of innovative contracting strategies based on modalities such as product performance, patient outcomes, portfolio … Continued

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