Considerations for Management of Clinical Trials and Regulatory Filing Strategy in Light of COVID-19

COVID-19 has the potential to negatively impact critical activities such as patient recruitment, patient safety and ensuring data integrity. Thus, clinical developers should review their planned regulatory filing strategies to determine if modifications are required. Attend this webinar to learn mitigation strategies and best practices that you can begin implementing now. Speakers: Demetrius Carter, SVP … Continued

Accelerating Therapeutics for COVID-19

This webinar will explain lessons learned from preparing for and responding to viral outbreaks such as H5N1 and pH1N1 influenza and discuss how insights from model-informed drug development approaches can spur access to medicines for patients.

Payer-Pharma Perspectives on Outcomes-based Contracting

The adoption of outcomes based agreements (OBA) is growing given the urge among payers to reduce their exposure to risks of uncertain clinical value and budgetary impact, and the demand for drug manufacturers to demonstrate real world value to justify new, high-priced therapies and guarantee access to existing products exposed to increasing rebate levels. Prior to discussing practical considerations for the OBA implementation in this white paper, we’ve included the voices and rationales of two seasoned OBA pioneers and let you be party to their personal reflections.

The Shifting Landscape for Outcomes-Based Contracting

As health systems are driven to accept increasing accountability, payers and providers are looking for the biopharmaceutical industry to share the risks around performance of their products. Outcomes-based agreements (OBA) can be seen as the next chapter of the pay-for-value trend wherein the reimbursement for the pharmaceutical product is tied to the measurable ‘real world’ value it provides in terms of predefined outcomes.

The Six Stages to a Successful Value-Based Risk-Sharing Agreement

Outcome based agreements (OBAs) are a type of value-based risk sharing agreement between payers and drug manufacturers. OBAs are a useful tool for managing uncertainty regarding a drug’s real world clinical benefit, the economic impact to a payer’s budget, and market penetration. Read this white paper to learn about a six-stage process that will put you on the right path for attaining a successful OBA!

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