With many local formulary approvals to gain and increasing budgetary pressures on local payers, the Market Access team needed to demonstrate their product’s benefits and value clearly and concisely.
The interactive app built using the BaseCase platform facilitated this by visualizing the value story, enabling audiences to clearly see the benefits of the new product to their localized populations. Input variations such as population size and product uptake could also be edited and re-calculated to present a fully-tailored value story. This culminated in much more personalized, value-based discussions between field teams and local key decision-makers. And played a key role in the product receiving approval in over 100 local health economies.

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As the time spent with payers and other local decision-makers shortens, our team has been looking for a solution to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of our products quickly and clearly. BaseCase has allowed us to accomplish that goal. With some reps having less than 5 minutes to pitch products, BaseCase allowed us to develop a single tool that simplifies key value messages, makes them specific to local health economies, and achieves engaging discussions with local decision-makers.

Head of Market Access UK

Headquartered in the U.S., our client is a global healthcare, medical device, and diagnostics company specializing in a variety of therapeutic areas. With over 100,000 employees globally operating in over 150 countries, their revenues consistently rank them in the top tier for their industry. Their diabetes business unit offers a variety of products that enable patients to accurately monitor and manage their glucose levels.

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