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Certara University announces the update of training courses and NCA certification using Phoenix current version 8.3

The introductory on-demand course to Phoenix WinNonlin (previously known as 100-OD) is now split into two on-demand courses that can be purchased together or separately:

  • (122-OD) Introduction to Phoenix WinNonlin (Part 1) [NCA]– focuses on the theory and application of non-compartmental analysis. You will learn NCA methodology, how to perform NCA using Phoenix WinNonlin software and how to interpret resulting pharmacokinetic parameters.
  • (123-OD) Introduction to Phoenix WinNonlin (Part2) [Modeling]– teaches you the theory and application of compartmental PK modeling. You will learn how to create Maximum Likelihood PK models using Phoenix WinNonlin and how to use those models to perform simulations. You will also learn to use the Graphical Model Editor to customize PK models.

In addition, you can now be certified as an NCA Analysts using Phoenix version 8.3. The new (407-CERT) Phoenix WinNonlin 8.3 Certara Certified NCA Analyst Exam validates proficiency and competence with non-compartment pharmacokinetic analysis using Phoenix WinNonlin 8.3.

The (B401-CERT) Certara Certified NCA Analyst Bundle has been updated using the new courses and certification exam.

Some folks will see some of the updated courses for free on the dashboard depending on when they purchased the old courses.

If you prefer a more personalized experience, these on-demand courses are also available in a live-online format lead by an instructor (122-LIVE and 123-LIVE). Finally, coming in 2023, Certara University will launch a new certification as a PK/PD modeler using Phoenix WinNonlin. We will let you know when this is available!

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