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BioIT の世界

BioIT World
Future Scientific Data Architecture for Best of Breed Research
Leif Pederson | President, Software
The combination of new therapeutic modalities, cloud computing, new scientific informatics vendors, analytics, and AI requires a service-based multi-vendor architecture to provide efficiency in the research process. Legacy systems duplicate many required scientific informatics functions within modality-specific applications. A utopian future of data-driven research requires compute and data systems to seamlessly interconnect to provide scientists the data and modeling results needed to make the best possible research decisions without compromise.
Leveraging the Universal CDISC Data Model to Simplify Mining and Exploration of Clinical Trial Data
Kevin Trimm | Vice President, Product Management
With the adoption of CDISC data standards by the USFDA and PMDA for new, investigational, and abbreviated new drug applications, and certain biologics license applications filings, most biopharmaceutical companies are converting data collected in clinical trials to comply with these standards. Successful methods for accomplishing and managing this process using a singular data model across biopharmaceutical research will be discussed and will highlight the benefits to research.
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