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ISSX: International Society for the
Study of Xenobiotics

ISSX: International Society for the <br> Study of Xenobiotics
ISSX Webinar: Application of PBPK to Personalized Dosing
Brahim Achour, PhD |
Tailoring drug dosage regimens according to the patient’s characteristics and specific needs, or so-called personalized dosing, has recently been reinvigorated by the availability of novel technologies for characterizing patients and wider acceptance of simulated drug trials. The concept is most useful for dosing drugs with a narrow therapeutic index and for patients from special populations or those prone to polypharmacy. In these cases, refined dosing is essential in order to improve therapeutic response and lower the risk of toxicity. Recent advances in model-informed precision dosing are therefore expected to facilitate efforts towards wider implementation of individualized dosing in various clinical settings. This webinar focuses on the practical application of modelling and simulation in the area of precision dosing. The course covers the development of virtual populations and the use of the Simcyp Simulator as a platform to build virtual twin avatars based on data generated using novel methods, such as liquid biopsy, whole genome sequencing and multi-‘omics’. Integration of liquid biopsy output with virtual twin models has the potential to significantly reduce uncertainty related to variability in predictions of drug exposure and allow the design of refined dosage regimens. The applications of this approach include effective clinical trial design in the drug development sphere and replacing the current ‘trial-and-error’ approach to dosing in clinical practice with model-informed decision making.
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