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Why Have a Blog About PK and PD?

Many blogs you will find on the internet are related to personal ventures, technology, or hobbies … all topics that are suited to the light-hearted fare that is common in the blogosphere. I believe that blogs can communicate knowledge in unique ways to a broad audience. Instead of developing a blog about my personal life, or some hobby, I decided to create a blog about my scientific passion, pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD).

Who am I?

I have been involved in the pharmaceutical industry since 1997 with expertise and training in clinical pharmacology. Over the course of this time, I have seen an evolution of the science of pharmacokinetics from a mathematical necessity of calculating PK parameters to the scientific artistry of simulating clinical responses. During that evolution, the clinical pharmacology field has failed to adequately train new scientists and it has failed to properly educate colleagues about the scientific basis of this work.

What is this blog about?

Our blog is dedicated to providing clear, concise, accurate, and interesting information regarding PK and PD. I hope that interested scientists from all disciplines will find this information helpful, enlightening, and useful. I hope to create an interactive community in which we can collaborate to solve challenging problems and provide cooperative solutions. Ultimately, I hope that this work will help advance medications from development to patients to treat diseases and ease suffering across the world.

Today, drug development is carried out in human subjects and animals. However, as computing power and the number of sophisticated technology platforms grow exponentially, and our knowledge of human health and disease increases, the virtualization of clinical research and development will grow steadily. Read this article to learn more.

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