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Effectively Developing Cutting-edge Mobile Tools for Market Access
Tue, November 26th

Market access teams in the life sciences industry use a variety of collateral—such as slide decks, value dossiers, or economic models to engage stakeholders and communicate product value. The industry is witnessing an irreversible trend of turning static printed documentation, spreadsheet models, and unwieldy slide decks into interactive mobile tools.

Apart from becoming an integral part of market access strategies and communicating product value, mobile tools can reduce inefficiencies throughout the product material lifecycle. No longer a “nice to have,” they are now the new normal.

But, how do you create, maintain, and roll-out these tools? Our team of subject matter experts has devised a set of best practices on mobile tool development specific to life sciences.

The process starts with developing a compelling value story for your product keeping in mind its eventual presentation format. The key messages are then used to develop the storyboard, which accounts for visualizations, and optional layers of relevant information to support the value proposition.

Several challenges must be overcome when creating content. The primary challenge is making the right UI (user interaction) and UX (user experience) design choices. Another challenge relates to the constant changes in both the medical and regulatory fields. It is necessary to predict what elements may need to change and implement the tool to allow easy modification in the future. This is even more important if your company plans to roll out country-specific adaptations.
By watching this video, you will learn how to conceptualize, optimize, and kick-off your mobile tool development process.

About Our Speaker

Atlanta Kassatly joined Certara in 2013 and has been a key component to the development of successful client relationships. In her current role as the Vice President of Consulting, Atlanta manages the consulting department as a whole and oversees the development of the value communication tools built for clients.

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