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Certara’s Evidence, Value & Access Specialists to Host Symposium on Automation in Public Health Decision-making and Present 18 Posters at ISPOR Europe

Certara’s Analytica Laser and BaseCase experts integrate data and evidence into quantitative decision support to deliver and communicate strategic insights on the value of therapies

PRINCETON, NJ – Nov. 8, 2018 – Certara®, the global leader in model-informed drug development, regulatory science, real-world evidence and market access, today announced that its Evidence, Value & Access team will host an educational symposium and present 18 research posters at ISPOR Europe 2018. ISPOR is the leading educational and scientific organization for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). ISPOR Europe will be held from Nov. 10–14 at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB) in Spain. Certara is proud to be platinum sponsor of this year’s meeting.

Certara’s Evidence, Value & Access team combines the strengths of two industry leaders—Analytica Laser, which leverages value and access strategy, decision analytics and real-world evidence solutions to develop scientific evidence of therapeutic value, and BaseCase, which employs its proprietary, cloud-based SaaS platform to communicate that value to stakeholders. Certara acquired both companies in the first half of 2018 and is now providing joint solutions to its pharmaceutical and medtech clients.

“The need to generate evidence and communicate the real-world value of new therapies effectively to payers, health authorities, physicians and patients is growing in importance. Certara’s unique set of competencies are rooted in the use of quantitative methodologies to help our clients optimize their most consequential R&D and commercial decisions. To that end, we employ high quality population health intelligence to sharpen a product’s value messages as well as visual communications to clearly convey complex supporting data to those key stakeholders,” said President of Certara Strategic Consulting Services, Thomas Kerbusch, PhD.

Interested parties can meet Certara Evidence, Value & Access experts at booth #801 or book an appointment at https://hubs.ly/H0fjJxN0

Certara will participate in the following sessions at ISPOR Europe:

Educational Symposium

Sunday, Nov. 11

“Automation in Public Health Decision-making: How Far Can It Go, How Far Should It Go?”

This session will examine the role that predictive analytics, machine learning and blockchain technology could play in automating public health data analyses and providing real-time insights and actions. The presenters will also discuss whether bigger and faster data analyses can facilitate more dynamic decisions regarding the value of healthcare interventions.

The symposium presenters are Hans-Peter Dauben, MD, PhD, secretary general at EuroScan International Network e.V., and senior scientist at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln gGmbH; Jim Nasr, MBA, BSc, vice president, technology & innovation at Synchrogenix, and former chief software architect, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and Billy Amzal, PhD, X-Eng, MSc, MPA, senior vice president, decision and real-world data analytics, Analytica Laser. Sandy Allerheiligen, PhD, Certara senior vice president, strategic consulting, health economics and education, will moderate the session.

Scientific Posters

Monday, Nov. 12
08:45 – 13:45

  • PCP58: HTA Master File with Continuous Monitoring and Synthesis of Related Data – New Approach for Information Management – Pieniazek I, Skóra K, Augustyńska J, Nikodem M, Walczak J

15:45 – 19:15

  • PMD53: Removable Dinoprostone Vaginal Delivery System: Cost-consequences Model for Central and Eastern Europe Countries – Pacocha K, Pieniazek I, Stelmachowski J, Walczak J, Bierut A, Sajdak S, Wilczak M, Jaworowski A, Rokita W, Młodawski J, Baev OR, Bila J, Pitko V, Zhemela O, Chorna O, Lohinova O
  • PMD175: Market Entry of New Medical Devices in Germany – Outpatient Sector – Oelze IB, Neeser K, Müller E
  • PND57: The Cost-effectiveness of Alemtuzumab in the Management of Relapse-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in Italy – Stanisic S, Berto P, Di Procolo P, Morawski J
  • PND72: Cost-minimization Analysis of Teriflunomide and Dimethyl Fumarate for Treatment of Relapsing-remitting Forms of Multiple Sclerosis in Italy – Stanisic S, Bergamaschi R, Berto P, Di Procolo P, Marocco A, Morawski J
  • PIN211: Economic Burden of Cervical Screening and Treatment of HPV-related Cervical Lesions and Cancers in Europe – Patel H, Wagner M, Bagdley D, Prabhu VS, Kothari S

Tuesday, Nov. 13
08:45 – 13:30

  • PHP15: New Treatment Methods and Reimbursement: Experiences in Germany 2018 – Oelze IB, Neeser K, Müller E
  • PHP42: Early Access Programs: A Comparison Between France, Germany and the United Kingdom – Ben Younes K, Foix Colonier A, Amzal B, Angehrn Z, Karcher H
  • PHP43: Evidence for High Risk Class Medical Devices Versus New Drugs in Germany: What’s the Difference? – Oelze IB, Neeser K, Müller E
  • PHP89: Class CNN Drugs in Italy: Purchase and Prescription Behavior in Italian Hospitals – Gallo A, Stanisic S, Neumann U, Berto P
  • PHP326: Analysis of the National Implementation of Eunethta Rea and Full Assessments – Pieniazek I, Maciejewska K, Walczak J


  • PRM82: Real World Evidence (RWE) from Italian NHS-AIFA Registries – Vittoria G, Berto P, Bakshi S
  • PRM152: A Generic Bayesian DES Model for Multi-state Disease Progression – Amzal B, Fu S, Angehrn Z, Obrzut G, Augustynska J, Walczak J, Buchs S
  • PRS52: Cost-minimization Analysis of SQ® HDM Slit-tablet in Patients with House Dust Mite Allergic Rhinitipaps With or Without Allergic Asthma in Poland – Obrzut G, Augustynska J, Walczak J, Buchs S
  • PRS53: Cost-utility Analysis of SQ® HDM Slit-tablet in Patients With House Dust Mite Allergic Rhinitis With or Without Allergic Asthma in Poland – Obrzut G, Augustynska J, Walczak J, Buchs

Wednesday, Nov. 14
08:45 – 13:15

  • PCN284: Pricing and Time-to-market for Tyrosine-kinase Inhibitors (TKIS) in Italy – Vittoria G, Berto P

12:15 – 13:15

  • PCN55: Type-specific Data on Human Papillomavirus Infection in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Asia-Pacific Region – Bennetts L, Wagner M, Badgley D, Kothari S, Morais E
  • PCN94: Cost-effectiveness of Cabozantinib Versus Sunitinib or Pazopanib as First-line Treatment of Patients With Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma in the UK – Skentzou E, Meng J, Lister J, Gray L.

Additional information about this conference can be found at https://ispor.org/conferences-education/conferences/upcoming-conferences/europe-2018.

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