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Japan Workshop August 2016

This event runs from 1st – 5th August 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

  • By participating in this workshop, you can learn how to predict the following items.
  • Drug metabolic clearance (CL) Drug interactions was through the metabolism · (DDIs)
  • The first pass in the gastrointestinal tract And absorption after oral administration (including the effects of diet and dosage forms)
  • Pharmacokinetics and DDI impact of transporters and intestines liver ring against
  • Distribution of the drug to the various tissues -Individual differences in drug blood concentration transition in a certain population
  • Specific population (children, race, various diseases) the difference in the body dynamics in · Various drug pharmacodynamic (PD) And plasma concentrations remained consistent with the measured value of the clinical trial (parameter identification (use of IVIVE and PBPK in PE)


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