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ホーム / ニュース / Medivir AB Chooses Certara’s D360 as its Global Drug Discovery Platform

Medivir AB Chooses Certara’s D360 as its Global Drug Discovery Platform

D360™ will provide enhanced data access and visualization, permitting closer collaboration between Medivir’s discovery scientists

ST. LOUIS, MO – Jan. 27, 2014 – Certara™, a leading provider of software and scientific consulting services to improve productivity and decision-making from drug discovery through drug development, today announced that Medivir AB, a Swedish pharmaceutical company that focuses on infectious diseases including hepatitis C, has selected D360 as its global drug discovery platform. Certara’s D360 is an integrated solution for the query, analysis and visualization of drug discovery and development data. Medivir will use D360 to deliver research data and analytic tools to its discovery chemists and biologists in Stockholm, Sweden, and Cambridge, UK. The information will be sourced from its existing repository of chemical structure and biological assay data.

“We were looking for a product that would allow our discovery scientists to collaborate more effectively, and make informed decisions using all the available data,” said Peter Lind, informatics manager at Medivir. “D360 will provide our scientists with a highly effective environment for data analysis and in addition, give us the flexibility to use our existing data repository and configure new data sources.”

“Jonathan Feldmann, vice president of scientific informatics at Certara, added, “D360 will increase research productivity at Medivir by giving its scientists a ‘self-service’ data environment, enabling them to search and analyze their data without support from the IT team. They will be able to get project data views in a single click and answer exploratory questions as soon as they conceive them, shortening the drug discovery cycle.”

“About Certara
Certara is dedicated to improving human health by delivering a broad spectrum of software products and consulting services, spanning molecular discovery to clinical development, with special focus on supporting translational approaches to drug development. A leading provider of model-based drug development tools, Certara was formed by the acquisition and integration of industry leaders Tripos®, Simcyp™, and Pharsight® Corporation. Each Certara family brand focuses on a key phase within the drug discovery and development process; combined, they offer a unique set of scientific modeling, analysis, and simulation capabilities that can enable the cross-disciplinary approaches necessary for translational science initiatives. For more information, visit

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