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Top 5 Pharma Company Chooses Certara’s D360 as its Global Drug Discovery Platform

D360™ will provide enhanced data access and visualization to enable rapid decision making and reduce attrition rates

ST. LOUIS, MO – 2014 年 06 月 4 日 – Certara®, the leading global technology-enabled drug development and drug safety consultancy, announced today that a top 5 Global Pharma company has selected Certara’s D360 as its global drug discovery platform.

D360 is an integrated solution for the query, analysis and visualization of drug discovery and development data. It was selected to overcome the critical challenges familiar to many research organizations today:

  • Lack of data connectivity
  • The overhead required to learn and support many disparate solutions
  • The inefficiency inherent in disconnected workflows
  • The challenge in supporting both internal and external collaboration

D360 was selected among many options as the most user-friendly solution to enable key decision-making and support data analysis workflows in a seamless manner.

Jonathan Feldmann, Certara’s Chief Technology Officer, added, “D360 will increase research productivity within this organization by giving scientists a ‘self-service’ data environment, enabling them to search and analyze their data without support from the IT team. Furthermore, D360 will allow them to integrate their analysis workflows with other workflows within Discovery to rapidly answer key questions to accelerate the design cycle and produce better outcomes.”

“Certara is very excited to have another top Pharma company adopt D360 to support global drug research and development,” said James Hayden, Certara’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “Six of the top 15 pharma companies are now using D360, along with many emerging biotech’s. We are gratified that the industry has responded so strongly to our vision of accelerated R&D through improved access to scientific data and integrated analysis tools.

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Certara is the leading technology-enabled drug development and drug safety consultancy. Its customers include hundreds of biopharmaceutical companies around the globe, together with several regulatory agencies. Certara’s solutions, which span the discovery, preclinical and clinical stages of drug development, enable data-driven decisions, leading to more precisely designed trials with a reduced risk of failure and improved subject safety. For more information, visit www.certara.com.

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Jieun W. Choe, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer. jieun.choe@certara.com
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