Intravenous Topiramate: Safety and Pharmacokinetics Following a Single Dose in Patients with Epilepsy or Migraines Taking Oral Topiramate

Although topiramate is widely prescribed for epilepsy and migraine, there is no intravenous product. We have developed an injectable topiramate formulation in which the drug is solubilized in a cyclodextrin matrix, Captisol®(Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc., La Jolla, CA). Our long-term goal is to evaluate intravenous topiramate for the treatment of neonatal seizures. Prior to studies in … Continued

Intravenous Topiramate: Comparison of Pharmacokinetics and Safety with the Oral Formulation in Healthy Volunteers

Although oral topiramate (TPM) products are widely prescribed for migraines and epilepsy, injectable TPM is not available for human use. We have developed a solubilized TPM formulation using a cyclodextrin matrix, captisol with the long-term goal of evaluating its safety and efficacy in neonatal seizures. This study in healthy adult volunteers was performed as required by the … Continued

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