eCTD 提出の QC 作業工程を数時間から数分に短縮

Regulatory submissions can contain over 1,000,000 links, and prior to the release of Certara’s GlobalSubmit’s CROSSCHECK functionality, the integrity of those links had to be manually verified. Sponsors who previously spoke of a cumbersome, time-consuming quality control (QC) process are now reporting on average a 300% increase in productivity after using CROSSCHECK.

Much like other tools in Certara’s GlobalSubmit eCTD submissions software, CROSSCHECK is intuitive and able to introduce greater efficiency into your eCTD submission process. CROSSCHECK functions as a single interface built into GlobalSubmit REVIEW and PUBLISH that displays the relationship between a hyperlinks’ source and destination side-by-side.

This means you can quickly determine if a link in your eCTD submission is active and points to the correct location. If you find a broken hyperlink or bookmark, it can be fixed directly using the CROSSCHECK interface. Additionally, CROSSCHECK allows users to detect and fix validation errors in GlobalSubmit PUBLISH using the GlobalSubmit VALIDATE engine.

CROSSCHECK remains the only product on the market with a proven ability to successfully manage millions of links across thousands of files for eCTD submissions. Adopting this user-friendly eCTD software mitigates the likelihood of human error inherent in manually verifying the integrity of your bookmarks and hyperlinks for eCTD submissions.


Accelerate your QC of hyperlinks and bookmarks for eCTD submissions

Independent tests show that CROSSCHECK is 8X faster and 3X more accurate when compared to traditional, manual methods of hyperlink and bookmark QC. この革新的機能により、eCTD 提出書類の構築において作業時間の 40% を占める作業を効率化することができます。

Accelerate your QC of hyperlinks and bookmarks for eCTD submissions
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