Get Your One Month Free Trial of Pirana and R speaks NLME (RsNLME)

Experience the efficiency of RsNLME

R speaks NLME (RsNLME) is now available!

Improve your modeling productivity with Certara’s RsNMLE – a collection of R packages and companion RShiny apps that allow scientists to run models using the Certara NLME engine and PML (Pharmacometric Modeling Language) syntax directly from the R command line. RsNLME is available through Pirana, Certara’s modeling workbench.

RsNLME is an intuitive, agile R-based application that delivers:

  • Ease of Use: Allows users to define models without in-depth knowledge of underlying code
  • Seamless workflow: Utilizes Certara’s PML modeling language for easy, transferable PK/PD structural model coding in R
  • Flexibility: Provides R tidyverse based syntax for model manipulation and execution
  • And – Supports existing Phoenix WinNonlin™ and Phoenix NLME™ models

R speaks NLME (RsNLME) is supported by Certara’s Pirana 3.0. RsNLME allows pharmacometric scientists to run models using Certara’s NLME engine and PML syntax. Based in R and paired with RShiny Apps that can “teach” R syntax for key workflow steps. Pirana and RsNLME provide ease of use with efficiency and unlimited flexibility for your modeling needs. We are offering this free one month trial of Pirana and RsNLME to let users experience for themselves before making a purchase.

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