Leading companies rely on the Simcyp simulator for COVID-19 decision-making.

About the Simcyp Simulator

Most leading pharma companies, academia and global regulators use the simulator for development and regulatory approval.
The US FDA is the largest user of the Simcyp Simulator.

The Simcyp PBPK Simulator informs decision-making relating to clinical trial design, first-in-human dosing, formulation design, virtual bioequivalence, treatment regimens for special populations, and predicting drug-drug interactions (DDIs) liability.

Simcyp’s whole body simulation approach includes genetic, physiological, and epidemiological databases, which facilitate the simulation of virtual populations using different demographics and ethnicities. The simulator also has organ-specific models, allowing it to simulate drug dispersion through the gut, different layers of the skin, the liver, the kidney, blood-brain barrier, or specific compartments in the lung.




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