Integrated Drug Development (iDD)

Changing the Game, Optimizing Success, Increasing Value: Committed to scientific and regulatory advancement, Certara has integrated its capabilities to create impactful healthcare solutions.

Certara’s Best of the Blog 2017

A selection of short essays from our blog, written to empower our customers with modeling and simulation (M&S) and regulatory writing solutions in order to help them solve the toughest drug development problems. Certara staff contributions range in topic from pharmacometrics to systems biology to the growing importance of regulatory writing and sharing clinical trial results.

Using a Pharmacology to Payer Framework to Support Product Development

Modeling and simulation (M&S) of complex systems has primarily advanced vertically in differing scientific domains with a variety of domain-specific approaches and applications. The pharmacology to payer (P2P) concept is a way to connect independent domains to address drug development market failures. As an initial proof of concept, we collaborated with a team of clinical pharmacologists, … Continued

How to Plan and Implement a Pharmacology to Payer Framework

Pharmacology to the payer (P2P) is an innovative approach to create a framework for dialogue between drug sponsors, regulators, and payers. The core structure is the sequential linking of quantitative mathematical models—pharmacology, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), disease progression, epidemiology, health utilization, and health economics. In this blog post, we discuss how working with an amazing team of … Continued

Apocalyptic Clinical Pharmacology: A Comprehensive Approach to Drug Development

Watch this webinar with Dr. Graham Scott, Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacology at Certara Strategic Consulting, to learn why you should invest in “apocalyptic clinical pharmacology.” Dr. Scott presented case studies that illustrate how sponsors can benefit from a clinical pharmacology strategy that uses model-informed approaches to inform and “fill in the gaps” of clinical trials.

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