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Leadership Robert Aspbury

Robert Aspbury

President, Simcyp

Rob Aspbury, PhD, is the President of Certara’s Simcyp division. Prior to this appointment, he served as Simcyp’s Chief Operating Officer. Simcyp provides Population-based Pharmacokinetic Modeling which is used during the drug development process. These software platforms include Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP), Quantitative Systems Toxicology and Safety (QSTS) and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) technology.

Dr. Aspbury brings more than 17 years’ commercial and scientific leadership experience with Covance to Certara. Dr. Aspbury was appointed Global Finance Director for Covance’s Clinical Pharmacology Services Division in 2003 and was rapidly promoted within the division to Managing Director, then Vice President, Europe, and later Vice President and General Manager, Global. His most recent appointment was Vice President of Covance Strategic Solutions, Biosimilars.

Dr. Aspbury earned a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Liverpool in 1995. He is also a chartered accountant.

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