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Thomas Kerbusch Chief Growth Officer

Thomas Kerbusch, PhD, is the Chief Growth Officer of Certara. In his role, Thomas drives integrated growth opportunities with a special focus on Certara Key Account Management and client relations. Thus, he assures delivery of integrated offerings in services and software through focused commercialization, marketing, and sales for our clients and key growth markets (e.g. APAC).

Throughout his career, Thomas has greatly enjoyed working with talented scientists and business professionals to make a real difference in drug development and patient access to new treatment options by implementing novel and creative model-based technology-enabled approaches. During the last two decades, Thomas has contributed to the development and approval of numerous drugs in a wide range of therapeutic indications.

Previously, Thomas made his mark on Certara’s growth as divisional President overseeing the growth of Certara’s Integrated Drug Development services and Pharmacometrics Software teams and integration of the Value & Access services and Software acquisitions. Prior to joining Certara in 2014, Thomas was a leader in the integration of M&S capabilities at Organon/Schering-Plough and Merck/MSD upon merger of these companies.

Thomas received his undergraduate education in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University and Georgetown University. He obtained his PhD in Clinical Pharmacology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In 2001, he conducted postdoctoral research on PK/PD M&S at Uppsala University, Sweden. Thomas got introduced to implementing M&S in an industry setting at Pfizer, UK, 2002-2006, leaving as a Director of clinical PK/PD M&S to join Organon in the Netherlands, to lead their PK/PD group. Subsequently Thomas headed the PK/PD and Pharmacometrics group at Schering-Plough (2008-2010) and held various leadership roles in Merck/MSD as Executive Director Quantitative Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics (2010-2014). He was also part of the management team of the Dutch MSD development site. He has (co-) authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

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