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William Copalu Executive Director

William Copalu joined Certara Strategic Consulting in August 2016. He currently manages programs where Clinical Pharmacology strategies, PK and PK/PD modeling and simulations in various phases of drug development and in specific populations are used to support drug development in many therapeutic areas such as oncology, CNS, cardiology. His experience covers the whole spectrum of drug development phases from discovery to post-launch. He has authored several publications and abstractss and is also a peer reviewer for the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Pharmacist by training, William has a MSc in Toxicology and a PhD in Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism. He has 25 years of experience in Pharmaceutical companies and PK/Tox laboratories. Before joining Certara William worked for pharmaceutical companies, the MHRA and headed up the Clinical PK/PD and Pharmacometrics department of a global CRO.

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