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Certara Qualified Training Centers Program

Certara Qualified Training Centers is a program designed to train students in India on the use of Certara software.  Because regulators in India require pharmacy students to be trained on the use of Phoenix WinNonlin, Certara is committed to help educate the next generation of experts in this field. We are achieving that goal by partnering with designated qualified centers in India to provide the best education on the use of the Phoenix software.
Our Qualified Training Centers program is designed to:

  • Provide the best access to training on Certara software in India
  • Assure high standards of training.
  • Provide access to innovative software solutions to research, test, and apply problem solving
  • Provide instructors access to software to prepare workshops;
  • Collaborate with Certara on projects from time to time.

Centers undergo an annual qualification process by Certara to assure that instructors have the necessary knowledge to train on Certara products and Centers have appropriate facilities to deliver software training workshops.  All instructors are required to obtain the appropriate Certara accreditation. As a participant in the Certara Qualified Training Centers program , Certara provides access to Phoenix software licenses (at no cost) to be used by students for training.  Licenses are also provided to instructors to prepare for workshops.

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Science
Manipal Academy of Higher Education.
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BITS Pilani
Department of Pharmacy.
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