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Certara University Japan では、E-ラーニングプラットフォームの導入によって、より多くのお客様にトレーニングの機会を提供しています。

E-learning classes are available in various topics such as:

  • Introduction to Phoenix Winnonlin
  • Population Modeling Using Phoenix NLME
  • 薬物動態学の基礎
  • ノンコンパートメントデータ解析
  • Introduction to Statistics with R, and many other courses

See below for a full course listing of e-learning courses.

Available E-learning Courses

(100-OD)Phoenix WinNonlin概論
Cost – $1,000 (Academia $500)
(101-OD)Phoenix NLMEを用いた母集団モデリング概論
Cost – $1,000 (Academia $500)
(102-OD) IVIVC Toolkit for Phoenix WinNonlin
Cost – $500 (Academia $250)
Cost – $299 (Academia $150)
Cost – $299 (Academia $150)
(200-OD) Intermediate PK/PD Modeling using Phoenix WinNonlin
Cost – $1800 (Academia $900)Cost – $1,500 (Academia $750)
(201-OD) Intermediate Population Modeling using Phoenix NLME
Cost – $1,000 (Academia $830)
(300-OD) Advanced PK/PD Modeling using Phoenix WinNonlin
Cost – $1,800 (Academia $900)
(301-OD)Phoenix NLMEを用いた母集団モデリング上級
Cost – $1,000 (Academia $500)


The courses are self-paced, so that you can start and stop your training to align with your schedule. Plus, the e-learning course content will be available for ongoing review for 3 years after purchase, making it ideal for infrequent software users.

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