Meet the Certara University Trainers


小川 隆則(Takanori Ogawa)は、2010年に日本における Phoenix ソフトウェア製品の代理店であった株式会社ベルキーサイエンスの買収を通じて Certara に入社しました。Certara では、日本、韓国、中国を含むアジア地域の製薬企業、CRO、学術研究機関、および規制当局に所属する科学者にたいして、Phoenix を活用した PK/PD モデリングおよびシミュレーション(M&S)に関する科学的支援を提供しています。また、これまで日本を中心としたアジア地域において250回を超えるトレーニングコースを開催しています。トレーニングコースでは、参加者が自らの研究開発プロジェクトにおいて PK/PD M&S の手法を容易に実践できるように、Phoenix ソフトウェアの操作方法に加えて、科学理論およびに実例を混じえながら講義を展開しています。筑波大学第2学群生物学類を卒業後、筑波大学大学院生命環境科学研究科環境科学専攻修士課程を修了しています。


Takanori Ogawa joined Certara in 2010 through the acquisition of Bellkey Science Inc., which was a distributor company of Phoenix products in Japan. During his time at the companies, he has provided scientific support for PK/PD modeling and simulation (M&S) analysis to scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, academia and regulatory agencies of Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China. He also has conducted over 250 training courses in those countries. In the courses, he teaches scientific theory and practical applications in addition to software hands-on exercises so that attendees can readily practice the M&S approach to their own R&D project. Takanori earned an MS in Environmental Science from the University of Tsukuba.

Dan Weiner has extensive drug development experience and has served as an expert consultant to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on pharmacokinetic modeling and bioequivalence assessment. Prior to his previous tenure with Certara as a Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Weiner held several management positions with Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Statistical Consultants, Inc., Syntex Development Research, Quintiles, and IVAX Research. Dr. Weiner graduated from the University of Kentucky with a doctoral degree in Mathematical Statistics, with emphasis on compartmental modeling. He is the original designer and author of the WinNonlin family of PK/PD modeling software now used by over 1,000 institutions. He is the co-author of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis: Concepts and Applications, now in its 5th ed. Dr. Weiner is an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics in the School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina and is an Affiliate Professor of Pharmacometrics, Center for Translational Medicine in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Maryland. During his career he has provided PK/PD training to over 2,000 students.


Ana Henry has extensive experience in a variety of roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Most recently she acted as product manager for the complete suite of Certara desktop products, personally leading the development of Phoenix, the industrys premier PK/PD software platform. Currently, she is with Certara University's Scientific Training and Education Department, tasked with training and content development of On Demand courses. Ana has extensive experience in software demonstration and training, and is adept at offering technical expertise and evaluation of software products. She has trained and provided support for Phoenix WinNonlin, Phoenix Connect, Phoenix NLME, Phoenix Knowledgebase Suite, AutoPilot, PKS Reporter, Trial Simulator, and PK/PD methodology courses. Prior to Certara, Ana worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a biostatistician and a pharmacokineticist, designing, analyzing, and reporting on clinical studies. Ana is also a regular guest speaker in the graduate PK/PD course at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Nathan Teuscher is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientist, consultant, and teacher. Nathan has been teaching and training for over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, providing lectures in general pharmacokinetics to non-scientists, and specialized training in population pharmacokinetics and drug development to industry experts. Nathan also developed online training tools for Pharmacy students, intuitive software tools to aid in pharmacokinetic analysis, and a mobile application for calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters. His dynamic teaching style helps students understand the material and integrate the concepts into practice. View Certara Profile >


Tom Jones has helped thousands of scientists become proficient with using Certara software in their research in the pharmaceutical industry. After completing his PhD in Analytical Chemistry, he spent several years as an assistant professor, during which time he applied molecular modeling to teaching and research in chemistry, and then came to Certara, where for 18 years he has applied his passion for teaching scientific software applications. At first Tom was focused exclusively on molecular modeling applications in drug discovery and later broadened his expertise to include informatics and PK/PD modeling and analysis. He has created many training manuals, and you may very well have heard his voice in one of the numerous webinars and video demonstrations he has created to help scientists become more proficient with Certara software.
Simon Davis has been supporting and training scientists in the pharmaceutical industry to configure and use PK/PD modeling tools effectively for 15 years. Initially working in Covance's Phase I clinic analyzing BE, FIM studies, etc. using WinNonlin and SAS, he spent several years providing support and training for Watson, EP, and Kinetica software whilst at InnaPhase (now ThermoFisher). Since 2005, he has focused on the Phoenix platform modules of WinNonlin, IVIVC, Connect, PKS, and NLME. As well as providing hands-on training to users, he also gives development direction to ensure this suite of tools meets the needs of our diverse userbsfrom simple NCA and IVIVC under GxP, to advanced modelerbsand connects with other industry databases and analytical tools(eg, R and NONMEM).


Bernd Wendt is a translational scientist who works on bridging the gap between discovery research and clinical development. He developed a novel approach for off-target prediction and is investigating the use of modeling and simulation tools across the drug development process. Dr. Wendt has been teaching as a trainer at Certara and is a lecturer at the Ludwig-Maximilians-UniversitC$t (Munich) for more than 5 years, providing seminars in pharmacokinetics and molecular modeling. With more than 20 years experience in the Life Science industry, Dr. Wendt has acted in various research and management capacities, both in contract research and biotech organizations. He is currently heading the global support group at Certara.
Christopher Mehl is the Customer Support Manager, and is a software trainer at Certara since 2003. His educational background is a BS in Molecular Biology from the Ohio State University, and an MS in Pharmacology from the University of Wisconsin. He has conducted over 200 training courses with Pharsight desktop products such as Phoenix WinNonlin, IVIVC, NLME, PKS, and Trial Simulator. These include workshops at the US Food and Drug Administration, universities, customer sites, and courses open to the public.


Venkateswari Muthukrishnan has 15 years of cumulative experience in research and training. She graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City with a doctoral degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She gained rich PK/PD modeling experience in discovery and clinical development in both biotech and pharma companies (USA and India). Contributed to drug development programs in various positions at AAI International, FibroGen, Inc., Biocon Limited, and Nektar Therapeutics (India) prior to joining Certara. Currently, she provides demonstrations on how effectively Phoenix software tools can be used to improve productivity and to support informed decision-making. Her unique global experience brought increased awareness on applications of PK/PD modeling, IVIVC models, and Population PK/PD models in teaching and academic research, as well as in industry R&D programs across South Asia Pacific. She has conducted several hands-on workshops on Phoenix WinNonlin, IVIVC toolkit, Phoenix NLME and Intermediate PK/PD modeling and is providing ongoing support to the users.
Serge Guzy acquired his Chemical Engineering Degree in 1982 from the University of Brussels and received his Master's Degree in Chemistry and Biophysics in 1985 from the Weizmann Institute. Serge obtained his Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering in 1990 from Technion and, one year later, got his Post-doctorate Degree from UC Berkeley in Chemical Engineering. He held a faculty position at UCSF School of Pharmacy between 1991-1996. Since that time, Serge headed the Pharmacometrics at XOMA, Biotech, and founded POP-PHARM with the goal of providing consulting and software development in support of drug development. With more than 25 years of experience with modeling and simulation, Serge Guzy established new methods for statistical population approaches in drug development, based on Monte Carlo simulation algorithms. The resulting MC-PEM methodology and population software development made him internationally recognized. These new tools have already been well utilized in drug development. POP-PHARM signed a strategic alliance with Certara to develope the Phoenix NLME engine and provide state-of-the-art advanced population PK/PD training classes.

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