Using Realistic Covariates with New Trial Simulator to Optimize Meropenem Dosing in Renally-impaired Children

In this webinar, see the new Trial Simulator v2.3 in action as Dr. Edward Nehus of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Dr. Mark Lovern, VP of Integrated Drug Development at Certara, evaluated target attainment of meropenem in various age groups and fluid overload in children receiving continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), reconstructing a previously published Trial Simulator model. Meropenem is often prescribed in children receiving CRRT, but fluid overload can be present in ill children, affecting drug disposition.

Trial Simulator provides a powerful and efficient approach to computer-assisted trial design, balancing ease-of-use with robust tools for defining study design attributes, conducting statistical and sensitivity analysis, and creating graphical summaries to plan effective trials for every phase of clinical drug testing. While it provides an intuitive user interface to help new users learn trial simulation, Trial Simulator also has the flexibility and versatility to be applied to the most complex trial situations and now connects directly with R and ggplot for custom plotting capabilities.

Watch this webinar to learn how to use trial simulation to anticipate risks and preview the range of expected results before millions in R&D dollars are spent, and subjects are exposed to experimental therapies.

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