Model-based Meta-analysis: An Innovative Methodology Comes of Age

Making the right choices in drug development often means the difference between getting a new medication to patients and it ending up in the scrap heap of failed programs. If we are to progress beyond making decisions based on little more than gut feelings, we must rely on evidence to guide us. According to David Sacket and Gordon Guyatt, founders of evidence based medicine, “medical care and clinical decision making must be based on results (evidence) from empirical quantitative and systematic research.” Drug development decisions are usually made with in-depth quantitative analysis of internal data from the drug candidate and a comprehensive, but less quantitative, review of public data or data from other candidates. While internally generated data is crucial, many important decisions cannot be made with internal data alone.

MBMA integrates internal and external drug development data to inform proprietary commercial and R&D decisions. The insights gained via MBMA support designing less costly and more precise trials with an eye toward achieving commercial success for both the drug and portfolio.

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