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Pharmacology 2021

British Pharmacology Society:
Pharmacology 2021

British Pharmacology Society:Pharmacology 2021
Speakers and Posters
Translational Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Model for ABL501, an Immuno-Oncology Bispecific Antibody Targeting LAG-3 and PD-L1
Cesar Pichardo-Almarza, Tomomi Matsuura, Andrzej M. Kierzek, Suruchi Bakshi, Eunyoung Park, Piet H. van der Graaf, Jacques Gaudreault, Eunjung Kim, Jaeho Jung, Jonghwa Won |
Oral Presentation
A combined minimal PBPK-target occupancy model predicts clinically observed PK and target occupancy kinetics of anti- α-Syn antibodies in plasma and CSF
Jonna Petzold - Certara and Kings College London, United Kingdom; Suruchi Bakshi - Certara; Cesar Pichardo-Almarza - Certara |
Network-based analysis for model-informed drug target selection and validation: application to Covid-19 induced inflammatory response
Martijn Jansen, iet H van der Graaf, Viji Chelliah, Greg Rowland | Certara and University of Leiden, The Netherlands
Model-informed drug target selection and validation through combining quantitative systems pharmacology with network-based analysis
Greg Rowland - Certara; Viji Chelliah - Certara UK, United Kingdom; Piet H van der Graaf - Certara and University of Leiden |
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