Together, Certara and our partners provide customers across the globe with products, services and solutions that help solve the key challenges in drug discovery and development.

中核的アカデミック研究拠点 (Centers of Excellence, COE) 一覧

Working in partnership with respected scientists at academic Centers of Excellence (COE), Certara is committed to training the next generation of experts in model-informed drug development. Our COE program is designed to:

  • Research and solve PK/PD challenges
  • Provide faculty, students, and researchers access to innovative software
  • Lead the way from ideas to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies
  • Participate in testing of technologies
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Centers of Excellence
Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Our technology & platform partners offer complementary products and platforms.

  • ChemAxon: Integration between ChemAxon’s industry standard chem-informatics tools and Certara’s D360 scientific informatics platform
  • Optibrium: Connectivity between Optibrium’s multi-parameter analysis package StarDrop and Certara’s D360
  • Rudraya: Certara partners with Rudraya to provide the KEEP informatics platform for our Clinical Trials Outcomes Databases.
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FDA-Simcyp™ Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)

We entered into a CRADA with the US FDA to further develop the Simcyp Dog model for the evaluation of drug products intended for use in different canine breeds.

This five-year project aims to deliver physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) dog models to help streamline the process of veterinary drug product development and evaluation.

This will be accomplished by facilitating the use of pharmacokinetic principles to address complex questions associated with the design and interpretation of target animal safety studies and clinical field studies by enabling the integration of model predictions with data from safety and effectiveness studies.

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FDA-Simcyp™ Cooperative Research and Development Agreement  (CRADA)
Software Global Distribution Partner

Software Global Distribution Partner

In addition to Certara’s local team, we partner with local distributors across the globe to deliver our software and professional support for customers in each region.

If you are looking for a local software provide, please reach out to Certara and we are happy to support you connect with our local team or distribution partner.

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