Quantify opportunity and justify access

Drawing on decades of experience, we offer real world data solutions for every need: ニッチな需要の特定、アクセスの正当化、価値の差別化、機会の定量化から、効果/リスクの実証まであらゆるニーズに対応するリアルワールド・データ・ソリューションを提供しますOur work is powered by real world data solutions across the evidence continuum.


  • Quantify Opportunity: Unmet needs, treatment patterns, burden of illness, market sizing
  • Justify Access: Cost minimization, cost offsets, cost effectiveness and budget impact analysis
  • Measure Performance: Drug utilization studies, relative effectiveness, outcomes performance, PAES
  • Ensure Safety: Benefit/risk assessment, risk management, signal detection, PASS
Quantify outcomes with patient and population-based research

Certara’s patient and population-based research has been instrumental in demonstrating the benefit that products and health technologies provide to patients. Our studies are trusted by leading innovators to identify treatment patterns and patient outcomes, unmet needs among niche patient groups to target drugs, as well as burden of illness and resource utilization in the real world. Our outcomes research services include:

  • Burden of disease studies
  • Surveys & health services research
  • Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) development, adaptation and validation
  • 効用と選好性の評価
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Unmatched quality in data and analysis

The Certara team uses electronic health care databases (EHCD) and electronic Medical Records (EMR) as well as our own data resource PGRx for studies in comparative effectiveness and relative risk, market access studies and bridging-to-real life studies as well as other advanced pharmaco-epidemiological research.

Certara experts pioneered the use of EHCD and EMR for conducting pharmaco-epidemiology studies. Our unique services link observational studies to advanced modeling in access data platforms built for bridging-to-real life studies. 当社のチームは、以下を対象とする評価業務を支援します:

  • 医薬および医療技術が医薬品とリソース利用にもたらす影響
  • 医薬品および医療技術の比較および相対的有効性の評価
  • 医薬品の相対的リスクと連続的リスク・ベネフィット
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Access to 100 million population datasets

Certara is the first, non-academic applicant to receive access to the French SNDS data access of over 50 million lives with anonymized data on socio-demographics, medical characteristics, ambulatory care, hospitalizations, diagnosis, drugs and procedures, mortality, and costs.

Combined with our own ANSER Real World Data Sets for pain, cardiology, neurology, and oncology, and other databases in Europe, these reliable, high quality datasets offer a combined population of more than 100 million lives in Europe.


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