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Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020

Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020
Speakers and Posters
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Current Barriers to Market Access of Alirocumab in Italian Regions
Authors: Berto P Sr. Consultant, EVA / SVP Value & Access at Regulatory Pharma Net, Aiello A, Gazzi L, Serra A, Tirone G |
ID#: 105022 - PCV79 - Value in Health, Volume 23, Issue S2 (December 2020) - OBJECTIVES : Prescription of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin-type-9 inhibitors (PCSK9i) under the Italian AIFA’s reimbursement scheme is limited to specialized Centers/physicians appointed by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces. Patient access to PCSK9i is still very limited and varies considerably across Regions. Our aim was to analyse updated records from AIFA Registry to understand determinants of alirocumab uptake at the regional level. https://www.ispor.org/heor-resources/presentations-database/presentation/euro2020-3282/105022
Applying Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) to Assess the VALUE of Budesonide-Formoterol Maintenance and Reliever Therapy in Asthma- an Empirical Case Study
Authors: Aiello A, Amoroso C, Berto P, Canonica GW, Cattani L, Cicchetti A, Coratella G, Di Marco F, Fedriga AL, Lombardo FP, Maffezzoli S, Manna G, Ruggeri I, Saleri C, Samaha D, Trifirò G, Ubertazzo L |
ID#: 105621 - PRS62 - Value in Health, Volume 23, Issue S2 (December 2020) - OBJECTIVES : Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is an analytical quantitative instrument focused on supporting the decision-making process between alternative technologies based on multiple criteria, to facilitate a conscious decision on resource allocation. Aim of this study was to apply an MCDA framework for the value assessment of budesonide-formoterol maintenance and reliever therapy in asthma and explore the utility of this analysis for a drug advisory committee. https://www.ispor.org/heor-resources/presentations-database/presentation/euro2020-3282/105621
European Health Claims Databases in the Era of Real-World Evidence: Where Are WE in France and Germany?
Authors: Nadia Quignot, Director, Data Analytics and Real-World Evidence, Certara Evidence & Access, Meng J |
ID#: 105501 - PNS272 - Value in Health, Volume 23, Issue S2 (December 2020) - OBJECTIVES Based on the experience accrued since their availability for the conduct of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomic studies, this work summarizes and compares data availability, challenges and opportunities of the French SNDS (‘Système National des Données de Santé’) and the German statutory health insurance GKV (‘Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung’). https://www.ispor.org/heor-resources/presentations-database/presentation/euro2020-3282/105501
Clinical and Economic Burden Following Osteoporosis-Related Fracture(S) in France
Authors: Fardellone P , Barnieh L , Quignot N , Gusto G , Khachatryan A , Kahangire D , Worth G , O'Kelly J , Desamericq G |
ID#: 107514 - PMS27 - Value in Health, Volume 23, Issue S2 (December 2020) - OBJECTIVES: To quantify subsequent fractures, resource use and costs following an initial osteoporosis-related fracture (ORF) in France. https://www.ispor.org/heor-resources/presentations-database/presentation/euro2020-3282/107514
Wastage and Costs of Contrast MEDIA in Computed Tomography in the UK: Comparison of MULTI-Dose Versus Single-Dose Bottles
Authors: Dlotko E, Neeser K, Berto P |
ID#: 106945 - PNS39 - Value in Health, Volume 23, Issue S2 (December 2020) - OBJECTIVES : Iodinated contrast media for computed tomography (CT) imaging are often available in single-dose bottles where any unused amount must be discarded after one utilization, while multi-dose bottles allow multiple dosages with lower amount of waste. Iomeron (iomeprol) is a non-ionic iodinated contrast medium used in numerous indications including CT enhancement. In addition to different sizes and concentrations of single-dose bottles, Iomeron is approved in the UK also in multi-dose 500 ml bottles (300–350–400 mgI/ml). The objective of this analysis was to compare the amount of wasted contrast media and total costs for multi-dose and single-dose bottles, respectively. https://www.ispor.org/heor-resources/presentations-database/presentation/euro2020-3282/106945
Quality of Life of Dravet Syndrome Patients: A CROSS-Sectional Study in France
Authors: Teneishvili M, Khachatryan A, Chandak A, Toward T |
ID#: 108286 - PND94 - Value in Health, Volume 23, Issue S2 (December 2020) - OBJECTIVES : Dravet Syndrome (DS) is a rare, treatment-resistant epileptic disorder. Patients have frequent, debilitating seizures; as well as neurodevelopmental and motor impairments. Real world data regarding DS is sparse providing little insight into patient reported outcomes. The main objective of this study was to examine the impact of seizures on quality of life (QoL) of DS patients. https://www.ispor.org/heor-resources/presentations-database/presentation/euro2020-3282/108286
Innovation Rating in Italy: Analysis of 77 Drug/Indication Reports (2017-2020) from AIFA
Speaker: Patrizia Berto | Sr. Consultant, EVA / SVP Value & Access at Regulatory Pharma Net
"ID#: 106669 - On Demand: Under section DEVELOPMENTS IN HTA PROCESSES AND METHODS 火曜日, 2020 年 10 月 6 日 2020 年 12 月 31 日 – conference registration required - OBJECTIVES In 2017 the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) published its revised model to assess the degree of innovation for new drugs/indications. High rating allows funding from a dedicated 1B€ fund (0.5B€ each allocated to oncology and nononcology indications), and faster access to local/regional formularies. As of June 2020, 77 reports were published on the AIFA website, allowing examination of some determinants of the Agency’s decision-making. An statistical analysis on the determinants of AIFA (Italian Agency) decision-making process, as to the attribution of Innovation Rating to new, innovative pharmaceuticals."
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