The Model-informed Precision Dosing Revolution Is Coming

Modeling and simulation (M&S) has been widely accepted and adopted by biopharmaceutical companies and global regulatory agencies. However, its implementation in clinical care has been modest to date. Model-based approaches are essential to realize the goal of precision dosing—providing the right drug dose to maximize therapeutic benefit, while reducing risk for each individual patient. The … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to the Biosimulation Revolution

In my work with biopharmaceutical companies, universities, and regulatory agencies, I fly a lot. Looking out the airplane window, the revolutionary impact of biosimulation on drug development struck me. Unfamiliar with the concept of biosimulation, or modeling and simulation (M&S)? You can think of it as the vast improvements in air travel that have been … Continued

What You Need to Know about the Precision Medicine Initiative

Last month, I was fortunate to be able to represent Certara at the BIO International Conference in Philadelphia, PA. One of the most exciting sessions that I attended was the Personalized Medicine Plenary with Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the NIH. He discussed how the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) will revolutionize the approach to … Continued

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