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ホーム / コンテンツ / オンデマンド・ウェビナー / D360を使用した、創薬デザイン-作成-試験-解析サイクルの短縮方法をご覧ください


2022 年 6 月 22 日

Researchers use D360 to query research data efficiently across different data sources and to create visualizations for both small molecules and biological agents. D360 を導入することで、Our industry-leading software D360 enables large pharma to search across the wealth of data and small biotech to keep research nimble and focus R&D expertise on science versus time-consuming data wrangling tasks through a maze of applications.

In this webinar, you will learn how to combine data access, analysis and collaboration for data-driven research with D360. Certara expert Dr. Fabian Rauscher will give an overview of the value of the scientific research software and show a demo of D360’s key features.

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