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Certara Head of Simcyp Translational Science Appointed to Xenobiotica Editorial Board

PRINCETON, NJ – Aug. 10, 2015 – Certara®, the global biosimulation technology-enabled drug development company, today announced that Iain Gardner, Ph.D., its senior scientific advisor and head of Simcyp translational science, has been appointed to the Xenobiotica Editorial Board. Dr. Gardner will play an active role in the monthly journal’s peer-review process and help to maintain its high editorial standards.

A xenobiotic is a chemical that does not occur naturally in an organism, such as a drug or a pesticide. Xenobiotica covers several aspects of this field, including xenobiochemistry, clinical pharmacokinetics and metabolism, animal pharmacokinetics and metabolism, pharmacogenetics, molecular toxicology, and xenobiotic transporters.

“Iain is an accomplished scientist, who is both a creative and analytical thinker. I’m confident that he will prove to be a great asset to the Xenobiotica editorial team,” said Certara Chief Executive Officer Edmundo Muniz, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Gardner joined Certara in 2011 and leads one of the science teams responsible for further enhancing the company’s Simcyp® population-based, physiologically-based pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PBPK/PD) simulators and ensuring that they continue to meet the needs of its Consortium members. Currently, 70 percent of the top-40 pharma companies (including all of the top 10) are members of the Simcyp Consortium.

The Simcyp Simulator uses PK/PD modeling and simulation in virtual humans and laboratory animals to streamline the drug development process. It is the industry’s most sophisticated platform for predicting drug-drug interactions and PK outcomes in clinical populations.

The Simcyp Simulator links in vitro data to in vivo ADME and PK/PD outcomes to help explore potential clinical issues prior to human studies and support drug development decision making. It incorporates physiological, genetic and epidemiological information from relevant populations with drug-specific clinical data, allowing it to predict PK/PD behavior in ‘real-world’ populations. It can also account for differences in ethnicity and disease state.

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