Accomplish More with Phoenix

Phoenix 8.1, the newest version of Certara’s innovative PK/PD modeling and simulation software used globally by researchers and drug developers in pharma, academia, and regulatory agencies, will be available on June 15, 2018. Major enhancements were introduced in the Phoenix workbench last year. And as an ongoing commitment to support compliance and efficiency, many features … Continued

Educating the World in Modeling and Simulation: Creating Certara University

“Fundamentally, Certara is a collection of academic discoveries and scientific minds who are charged with transforming patient care and improving the most crucial research and development and regulatory decisions. Our training organization and methodology must be equally accountable for this mission.” – Edmundo Muniz I heard these inspiring words from our CEO during my first … Continued

Improve Your Success Rate in Costly Bioequivalence Studies with IVIVC

Did you know that 84% of the 4 billion prescriptions written each year are for generic drugs? Clearly, generics are a big business. Regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, require generic drug manufacturers to show that generic drugs are bioequivalent to the reference drug. Bioequivalence (BE) studies can also be required for pharmaceutical variations made … Continued

Supporting Pharmacometrics Education at the University of Maryland

Nelson Mandela is quoted with saying, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” At Certara, we are helping change the world by aiding the development of novel medications through our technology-enabled solutions. Indeed, supporting the education of the next generation of pharmacometricians is essential to our mission. In … Continued

Reasons to Attend Certara’s CADD, PK/PD, and PBPK Modeling Courses

As the manager of scientific communication for Certara, part of my job is to educate new and existing clients on the ways they can maximize their utilization of Certara’s software and consulting services. Therefore, it was important for me, early on, to experience our training solutions to better understand our clients’ perspectives. At Certara, we … Continued

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