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Learn how to leverage the power of cloud computing to streamline your workflow!

Certara’s Phoenix Hosted package provides your PK scientists with a secured and validated Certara AWS workspace allowing for much quicker transit time from compliant data sources. It enhances productivity and supports compliance requirements by managing complex time-based data, the foundation for all PK/PD modeling. Certara’s deployment experts can optimize the Phoenix application configuration for increased … Continued

Tips & Tricks for Streamlining Non-compartmental Pharmacokinetic Analysis

Phoenix WinNonlin’s integrated tools make it easy to perform non-compartmental pharmacokinetic analysis (NCA) and create plots and well-organized tables that you can easily customize to your drug development program’s unique specifications. You can drag and drop new data into an existing workflow to run the standardized analyses effortlessly. These tips and tricks will help you … Continued

Learn how Certara’s Integral streamlines PK/PD workflows & ensures compliance with regulatory requirements

PK/PD data comes from multiple sources, making it challenging to efficiently search, visualize, and analyze your data, and remain compliant for regulatory submissions. Especially with the large volumes of PK/PD data required for today’s complex clinical trials. With Certara’s Integral data and model repository, you’ll streamline your PK/PD workflows and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements … Continued

D360 as your organization’s extendable and central data engine

D360 is an industry-leading scientific data informatics platform providing a flexible, scalable, and customizable enterprise data integration solution. In addition to its versatile desktop-application used by thousands of medicinal chemists, D360 enables building custom workflows and applications based on D360’s powerful data access capabilities. In this webinar, Certara expert Essi Koskela will review D360’s self-service … Continued

Ghent University wins the 2021/22 Certara-Simcyp Grant and Partnership Scheme

PRINCETON, N.J., January 9, 2023 — Certara, Inc. (Nasdaq: CERT), a global leader in biosimulation, today announced that Ghent University (Belgium) submitted the successful bid for the 2021/22 Grant and Partnership Scheme (GPS). Funding will now be provided for a two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship research project titled ‘Optimisation of therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease: … Continued

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