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Certara Releases D360 Version 6.0, with Extended Capabilities for Preclinical and Clinical Data

Latest release extends cross-platform data access, analysis and collaboration capabilities

ST. LOUIS, MO – 2011 年 12 月 20 日 – Certara™, a leading provider of software and services to improve productivity and decision-making from discovery through clinical development, announced today that it has released D360™ version 6.0, with key enhancements that enable users to access data from clinical and preclinical data sources in addition to discovery. D360 is an enterprise class solution that provides scientists with the ability to readily access all their research data, analyze that data, and easily share their findings and work with their colleagues. D360 6.0 provides significant enhancements to user workflows and collaboration capabilities and extends the ability to easily configure and customize the application for the specific needs of an organization.

The heart of D360 6.0 is a completely rewritten data access infrastructure in which data queries are represented by high level query objects (QObjects™). QObjects provide improved query and data transformation performance and substantially more flexibility in end user data presentation, as well as improved support for a wider range of applications where data from different scientific disciplines is merged into single views. The introduction of QObject based querying greatly improves support for scientists using D360 in drug discovery, preclinical and clinical applications. Additionally QObjects simplify the configuration required to connect D360 to data sources, further lowering administration burden.

Some additional highlights of the D360 6.0 release are:

Improvements in end user workflows:

  • Improved user choices in data presentation. D360 now allows finer grained control in data grouping and pivoting to afford the best possible presentation for a specific task regardless of whether the application is in early drug discovery, preclinical or clinical development.
  • A new assay alerts capability allows users to set up email alerts so they are informed when new data of interest is available, eliminating unnecessary exploratory searching.


  • The new D360 annotation system allows any entity (compound, study, assay, patient, etc.) represented in the system to have user provided data associated with it. Annotation data is immediately queryable by any user of the system and read/write access can be controlled through simple permissions. Annotations can be employed for a wide range of tasks such as the addition of derived knowledge, tracking of interesting entities as they progress through research phases or monitoring of experimental progress.
  • Integration with internal web portals such as SharePoint and sharing of links to D360 artifacts, such as queries, datasets and analyses through email or common productivity tools substantially enhances community sharing of data and derived knowledge.


  • All D360 admin tools have been updated to provide more streamlined workflows for application administrators. This allows D360 to be more quickly deployed and more readily configured to access new data sources as they become available.
  • Comprehensive chemistry cartridge support. The standard ActivityBase configuration pack has been extended to support the use of the ChemExtra chemistry data cartridge.


  • A software development kit (D360 SDK) is now available for groups that wish to integrate D360 more closely into in-house applications and workflows, or further extend its capabilities with proprietary scientific analyses or data visualizations.

“The D360 user community has expanded greatly this year and we are pleased to release D360 version 6.0 for their benefit,” said James Hayden, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Certara. “The pharmaceutical R&D community needs a flexible application that can connect to an individual data source or federate many data sources from drug discovery through clinical development. D360 fills this market demand by offering a robust enterprise infrastructure that is simple enough to be installed quickly to support a small group of users, but powerful enough to support a global community of thousands of users with diverse data sources and needs.”

More information about D360’s data access, analysis and collaboration capabilities can be found by contacting Certara or visiting http://www.certara.com/software/scientific-informatics/d360/.

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