A Day in the Life of a Clinical Pharmacology Consultant

Strategic consulting within drug discovery and development is an exciting career choice for many. Unlike a biotechnology or pharmaceutical enterprise, where the assets one typically works on are within that ecosystem, consulting offers the possibility of working on many different innovation pipelines. At any given time, you might be working on solving a problem for … Continued

Clinical Pharmacology Gap Analysis: Lessons Learned

Clinical pharmacology gap analysis is a tool for outlining your drug program’s needs, prioritizing these needs, and providing a framework for how to satisfy them. This tool can create value for drug development programs. While gap analysis can be performed at any point in the drug development continuum, early engagement is best for maximizing its benefits. … Continued

Using M&S to Evaluate Oncology Drug Dosing

There are numerous challenges in developing oncology drugs: (1) they are often very toxic which precludes conducting clinical trials in healthy volunteers, (2) the PK of a drug may be altered in cancer patients due to demographic and physiological differences as compared to healthy volunteers, and (3) cancer patients face elevated drug-drug interaction (DDI) risk … Continued

Best Practices in Clinical Pharmacology Gap Analysis

Watch this webinar to learn from Dr. Julie Bullock, Senior Director of Consulting Services at Certara, how gap analysis can help you ensure that your development program will contain all the elements needed to satisfy regulators and investors during all phases of drug development from IND to NDA.

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