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There are unique considerations to factor in treating COVID-19 in children and pregnant women. While COVID-19 disease among children have been less severe than in adults, very young children appear to be at the highest risk of severe disease. Join this webinar to learn how we can build tools and processes to help tailor therapies […]
Speaker: Dr. Jeff Barrett, Dr. Patrick Smith, Dr Karen Rowland Yeo
COVID-19 has the potential to negatively impact critical activities such as patient recruitment, patient safety and ensuring data integrity. Thus, clinical developers should review their planned regulatory filing strategies to determine if modifications are required. Attend this webinar to learn mitigation strategies and best practices that you...
Speaker: Demetrius Carter, Elaine B. Taylor

Accelerating Therapeutics for COVID-19

April 8, 2020 at 1pm EDT
This webinar will explain lessons learned from preparing for and responding to viral outbreaks such as H5N1 and pH1N1 influenza and discuss how insights from model-informed drug development approaches can spur access to medicines for patients.
Speaker: Dr. Dan Hartman - Director of Integrated Development - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
Dr. Steven Kern - Deputy Director of Quantitative Sciences - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
Dr. Craig Rayner - President of Integrated Drug Development - Certara
Dr. Fran Brown - SVP of Integrated Drug Development - Certara
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