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Accelerating Vaccine Development: Applications to COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need to develop a safe and effective vaccine. Currently, research groups around the world are working to develop more than 90 investigational vaccine candidates. While several vaccine candidates are already being tested in clinical trials, there are still critical unanswered questions around the expected clinical effectiveness of immunization. How long will protection last? What inoculation dose and regimen is needed? Which vaccine platform will provide optimal comparative effectiveness (classical strategies of weakened viral particles or components versus the various RNA and DNA vaccine strategies)?
How do we accelerate bringing a vaccine to patients?
Model-informed drug discovery & development (MID3 or modeling and simulation) has become crucial to answering scientific and regulatory questions for drugs. It is also an important approach for selecting and optimizing the most promising vaccine candidates to advance further clinical development and subsequent manufacturing. The latter issue is significant given the global scale of the pandemic.
Watch this webinar to learn the following:
  • How model-based meta-analysis (MBMA) can use literature data to leverage competitive intelligence to predict comparative effectiveness and efficacy of vaccination strategies and vaccine mechanism of actions to optimize clinical trial designs and fast-track the most promising candidates to manufacturing scale-up
  • How model-based approaches provide quantitative information to compare vaccine effectiveness and efficacy across different populations, formulations, and routes of administration
  • How translational modeling and correlates of protection assays are used to predict clinical efficacy and comparative effectiveness to select optimal inoculation strength and regimens.
  • How quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) approaches can help us gain an understanding of the mechanisms of immunogenicity and thus vaccination efficacy.
  • How MID3 approaches can help us better prepare to accelerate the development of vaccines for future pandemics
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