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Reasons to Attend Certara’s CADD, PK/PD, and PBPK Modeling Courses

As the manager of scientific communication for Certara, part of my job is to educate new and existing clients on the ways they can maximize their utilization of Certara’s software and consulting services. Therefore, it was important for me, early on, to experience our training solutions to better understand our clients’ perspectives. At Certara, we pride ourselves in providing excellent technical support through phone and email. But, we also believe that tech support can only go so far. Our goal is to help you get as much out of your software as possible in order for you to understand the safety and efficacy profile of your drugs in development. Registering for Certara training courses is a worthwhile investment of time and money for a number of reasons:

  1. Expert instructors. We offer training for everyone from beginner to advanced users. Advanced PK/PD modeling courses are often taught by Dr. Dan Weiner, the creator of WinNonlin. He is an undisputed expert who, literally, wrote the book on PK/PD, “Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis.” Indeed, 9 out of 10 customers, who have taken Phoenix training courses, have rated our instructors’ ability to clearly present concepts as either “good” or “excellent.”
  2. Training courses in great locations. No matter where you live in North America or Europe, we have training courses for Phoenix WinNonlin and Phoenix NLME in the Midwest/West Coast, East Coast, and Europe. Our classes cap the number of students to a maximum of 15/instructor so that you get all the personalized attention that you need.
  3. Convenient online courses. For our customers interested in computer aided drug design (CADD), we offer convenient online training videos for Muse Invent and SYBYL-X products. Dr. Tom Jones, who frequently teaches these courses, has been been praised by his students as “remarkably patient and encouraging.”
  4. Increase your market value. In this difficult job market, scientific professionals are well advised to keep their skills razor sharp to stay competitive. Gaining the ability to leverage CADD, PBPK, or PK/PD modeling and simulation software to solve difficult drug development problems can really enhance the value that a scientist brings to his or her organization. Certara training can help our users with their professional development. According to a recent survey, 92% of customers who took our training courses felt that the knowledge that they gained would positively impact their ability to do their job.
  5. Our focus on the science. While it’s obviously important to be proficient in the day-to-day practicalities of navigating and using the software, we also want our users to understand the fundamental concepts and become familiar with real world applications of these techniques.Thus, we offer workshops in the US and Europe on a variety of topics important in PBPK modeling and simulation (drug-drug interactions, parameter estimation and pharmacodynamics, and predicting PK for biologics).
  6. Superior training materials. People learn best by doing, not simply being lectured to. Our Certara training courses embrace active learning with hands-on examples and case studies that reinforce the topics covered. Over 90% of customers surveyed rated Certara training materials as either “good” or “excellent.”
  7. We can come to you. While we provide public courses, we also conveniently offer training courses at customer sites. Certara trainers can work with you to determine what courses best fit your training needs or even design a custom course tailored to your particular interests.
  8. Networking! When you put a bunch of smart, like-minded scientists in one room, there’s bound to be lots of opportunities for networking and learning from your peers.


If you have bought one of our software solutions, maximize the value of your purchase by attending one of our online or in-person training courses. Learn from our experts the tips and tricks to streamline your workday and make you more productive than ever before!

Interested in learning more about how PBPK modeling can aid your drug development program. I’ve also included a link to our white paper on this topic.

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By: Suzanne Minton

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