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Changing Column Names and Units in Phoenix WinNonlin

One of the most common tasks when working with data in Phoenix WinNonlin is to change the column titles or units. In many software packages that consists of clicking on the data spreadsheet and re-typing the new information; however, with Phoenix, you have to take a few additional steps. Here’s some quick tips on how to change column names and units:

Select the original data set and send it to a Data Wizard object. You will make all of you changes within this Data Wizard object.

In the Data Wizard object, select the “Properties” under the Action menu.


You will then see a screen with your existing column titles and units. In this example, there are 2 columns: “TimeofSample” and “Result”. I would like to change these to “Time” with units of hours, and “Conc” with units of ng/mL. This can be done in a single quick Data Wizard step.


Select the “Old Column” that you would like to change in the box. Then the properties boxes on the right will change from grey to black. Just enter a new column name and the new units in the boxes provided. You can use the Unit Builder if necessary to help you. After you complete your changes, press the “Enter” or “Return” key. You will then get a response box like this:



In this case we are setting the units for the first time, so we can click “No”. If we were converting the units from ng/mL to mg/mL, then we would click “Yes” to convert units. After you change all of the columns and units, click the “Execute Step” button on the left site of the dialog. This will execute the Data Wizard step and create the new data set with the updated column titles and units:


That’s how you change column names and units in Phoenix WinNonlin. A little more complex than in some other spreadsheet software, but not too difficult.

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