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Certara Launches BaseCase Data Studio, Enabling Pharma and MedTech Clients to Conduct Advanced Data Analyses During Value-based Product Discussions

BaseCase platform can now perform live statistical modeling and sophisticated data analyses, delivering evidence-based claims to support value messages during payer, provider and HCP discussions

PRINCETON, NJ – Oct. 1, 2019 – Certara®, the global model-informed drug development and decision support leader, today announced the launch of BaseCase Data Studio, the newest product for its BaseCase value communications platform.

Certara’s BaseCase platform enables pharmaceutical and medtech clients to build interactive, data-driven mobile apps using real-world data sources, such as healthcare claims, costs, quality, outcomes, and population data to demonstrate the value of specific drugs or devices during cost discussions with payers, providers and healthcare professionals (HCPs). With the addition of BaseCase Data Studio, those clients can now also perform sophisticated statistical modeling and data analyses live on their mobile apps during those meetings.

“Due to rising healthcare costs, payers, providers and healthcare professionals are increasingly turning to evidence-based medicine and are seeking to gain meaningful insights from the huge volumes of available healthcare data to enable them to make the best value-based decisions regarding new drugs and devices,” said Thomas Kerbusch, PhD, President of Certara Strategic Consulting. “Using BaseCase Data Studio, our clients can now conduct the requisite analyses in real time and accurately predict a range of outcomes, thus supporting their value messages with evidence-based claims.”

The programming language R is widely used by modelers, statisticians and data scientists in the life science industry. Much of the pharmacometrics, health economics and outcomes research, and epidemiology modeling, which is central to Certara’s staff and customers’ work, is performed in R. Data Studio unlocks the power of those advanced models in value communication. The commonly used R packages heemod and deSolve are supported by BaseCase Data Studio “out-of-the-box.”

Using BaseCase Data Studio, Certara’s clients can create mobile tools that generate simulations (including Markov chains and discrete event simulation) and budget impact models; conduct meta-analyses; perform multi-criteria decision, cost-effectiveness, health-related quality of life and probabilistic sensitivity analyses.

“As with all the other BaseCase personalized, interactive mobile tools, Data Studio provides centralized content management and streamlined global deployment, ensuring that updated content is distributed to all client devices in all markets simultaneously. As a result, their staff always has the most current material. Data Studio also has built-in version control so that clients can release or roll-back resources as required to maintain compliance,” said BaseCase Senior Vice President Seamus Nestor.

By employing R, BaseCase Data Studio permits the use of more complex formulas than Excel. It is also a very flexible tool, allowing clients to combine script outputs with spreadsheet formulas so their data can be processed and presented in whatever form they require. The script inputs and outputs can also be linked to BaseCase’s presentation layer to create especially powerful interactive tools.

To ensure all security needs are met, BaseCase Data Studio employs a strict ACL permissions system, password-protected accounts, and industry-standard encryption.

Founded in 2007, and acquired by Certara in January 2018, BaseCase is a software as a service (SaaS) and value communication company that has been developing interactive mobile apps for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for more than a decade.

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