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Certara’s Simcyp™ COVID-19 Vaccine Model Named Finalist in Both the 2021 Citeline Awards and R&D 100 Awards

PRINCETON, NJ – 2021 年 8 月 26 日 – Certara, a global leader in biosimulation, today announced that its Simcyp COVID-19 Vaccine Model has been named a finalist in both Informa Pharma Intelligence’s 2021 Citeline Awards in the Excellence in Innovation in Response to COVID-19 – Clinical Trial Activities category and R&D World’s 2021 R&D 100 Awards in the Software/Services category.

Certara’s Simcyp COVID-19 Vaccine Model uses biosimulation to improve decision-making and help optimize dosing regimens of COVID-19 vaccines.  Certara calibrated its model using the structure of actual COVID-19 vaccines and validated it by replicating the published clinical data.  The model, which is incorporated in Certara’s Vaccine Simulator™, addresses important questions such as differences in response with age and ethnicity, optimal timing between doses and expected duration of antibody response.

“We are proud that the important contributions being made by our Vaccine Simulator have been recognized by the judges at both the Citeline Awards and R&D 100 Awards,” said Piet van der Graaf, PharmD, PhD, senior vice president of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology at Certara. “We are using Certara’s Vaccine Simulator to determine optimal timing for COVID-19 vaccine boosters and how best to maintain vaccine efficacy against COVID-19 variants.  The Vaccine Simulator covers a broad range of applications and is now also being used to help develop vaccines for oncology and respiratory syncytial virus.”

Certara’s Vaccine Simulator allows researchers to study how a vaccine is handled by the human body in computer-generated, virtual populations. It leverages Certara’s Simcyp™ Population-Based Platform, which features proprietary genetic, physiological, and epidemiological databases, to create virtual populations with different ages, gender, genetics, weight, diet, illnesses, pre-existing conditions and medications.  It has demonstrated that it can accurately predict the outcomes of actual clinical trials using the COVID-19 vaccines. Its prediction that the optimal timing between COVID-19 vaccine doses is eight weeks was recently validated by the Pitch study conducted at Oxford University.   

The 2021 Citeline Award winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on October 14 in Boston, Massachusetts.  The 2021 R&D 100 Winners will be announced in the fall. 

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